Wedding Testimonials


"I can’t say enough about my experience with Silvia as a photographer at my wedding.  Because we were in different locations, I didn’t get a chance to meet her until the night of the rehearsal dinner, where she instantly put my mind at ease with her professionalism, easy going attitude, and flexibility. Right away she asked my husband and me about our families, our guests and the varying dynamics in the group, which I really appreciated.  She quickly blended in and efficiently captured the many happy moments for my guests and my husband and me without having to ask anyone to pose or otherwise ham it up for the camera.  The actual day of the wedding, she took a ton of great, candid pictures of my bridesmaids, my mother and me (we spent the day together before the ceremony), which was really special because of the bonding going on and the relaxed environment.  Silvia captured so many great shots from that day – the preparation, “hang time,” and general reflection going on – perfectly.  I’ll treasure her pictures forever and would gladly recommend her services for any event."

--Chuanpis Santiluka, San Francisco, CA



"We were so lucky Silvia agreed to do our wedding! Based on talent alone, she's one of the best photographers around but her approach to the job makes her unique. I was nervous about my big day and on top of that I was concerned about having someone follow me for every moment. However, Silvia blended right in telling jokes, helping me with my dress and capturing beautiful shots without making me feel like I had to pose or "perform."

--Zoua Vang, Fresno, CA



"Silvia photographed my Los Angeles wedding. She was amazing not only in her laid back but professional demeanor, but in the most important way, the final photographs. The wedding was in the downtown Los Angeles and it was a chaotic scene with traffic jams, a television pilot shooting right around my hotel, and a million man immigrant protest….everything was running crazy late, except Silvia. She was prompt, even early, and calmed my bridezilla nerves by being confident, calm, professional, and throughout the day projecting a true happiness for my exciting day.

Silvia's style is in the vein of photojournalism which is why I picked her. I did not want the mannequin style wedding photos that plague that industry. Her photographs capture moments of true emotion without it being staged or looking fake. I am a very picky person and when I consulted her before my wedding, I was very specific about what I wanted. She listened, asked questions, took notes, and captured exactly what I wanted. Silvia shot amazing photographs without it looking posed or stiff. She is great at photographing subjects without anyone even knowing that's she is there, which is exactly what you want, especially if it's a stressful event. What's also amazing is that despite my nerves, in her photos, I look calm and happy. She kept up with all the energy of the day, never complained or "barked" orders, and made everyone around her relax into their true selves which shows in the final outcome. Her photos are photojournalistic works of art….beautiful, in the moment, and emotional. I highly recommend Silvia as a photographer for any event!"

--Midori Howo, Fresno, CA



"When I was a reporter, I always admired Silvia's style and eye for great photos. As our engagement and wedding photographer, she really captured our personalities. Our sunset at the beach engagement photos were the most beautiful photos we had ever seen of ourselves -- until we got the wedding photos. She did all the traditional family and wedding party portraits, but she also documented the fun, including our first dance with soap bubbles in the air. Her experience as a newspaper photographer helped her spot joyful moments we would have missed. She spent a lot of time with us, both during the photos shoots and afterward. We are so thankful we picked her as our photographer"

--Sharyn Obsatz, Los Angeles, CA